About the Trip

We started this journey in September 2018 from San Francisco, where we’ve lived together for over six years.

Here’s us the day we got engaged! I was happy, despite smelling like the elk that were hanging out nearby.

Our first three weeks were spent on the East Coat and Midwest, with friends and family. They graciously provided us with the love, support, spare couches and laundry facilities that make trips like ours a bit easier, and much richer. (Check out posts from our travels in Portland, NYC and Philly, and DC to see what I mean.)

In October 2018, we kick off a two month Eastern European adventure.

Here’s where we’re going: 

Berlin > Budapest > Ljublana > Zagreb > Sarajevo > Dubrovnik > Tirana > Berat > Athens > Istanbul. 

In January, we head to Southeast Asia. India, Cambodia, Thailand, Nepal, Vietnam, and Laos are all on our list. If you’ve got other suggestions, send them our way!


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