Hi, I’m Katie. I’m a karaoke enthusiast, Aquarian, former educator, and one half of a couple currently traveling the world. KT.jpg

On our first wedding anniversary, my husband Greg and I decided to take some time and do what we love most: experience new places.

Over the next few months, we quit our jobs, told our friends and family about our plans, created roughly 8,000 spreadsheets of trip logistics, and put our things in storage. In September of 2018, we left San Francisco, and took off on our journey. You can follow that journey here. g&k.jpg

What you’ll get if you do: narratives about places we’ve gone and people we’ve met there, musings on politics/culture/life abroad, a book recommendation or two, a photo (or five) of delicious or questionable things we’ve eaten, and, of course, some signature one-liners.

What you won’t get: top five listicles of “best things to do/eat/see” in each city we visit, extensively detailed travel advice, or any of the other content readily available on the other travel-specific blogs out there.

Thanks for stopping by and joining the journey! Your questions, comments, thoughts, and unsolicited advice (hi mom!) are always welcome.

Love, Katie

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Katie

    If you are still in Budapest, I would like to offer you a free food tour, in return of an article on your blog.
    Please contact me at foodtourbudapest@gmai.com.


    1. Thanks Nora! I wish we were, but we left a while ago. Hope to be back sometime though!


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